Defining a brand's way of communication and proposition, to reach the right audience. I like creating strong brands and make them shine when they are selling on the market. I developed a love for branding and rebranding when I was younger. It is possible to make people an absolute fan of a brand and follow this brand through anything. This is my goal and what thrives my passion.

I am interested in building websites, web applications and interfaces. I have experience in the front-end development but I am more interested in the interaction design and design side of digital design. Digital also means I have the knowledge in different devices and resolutions and know how to make files ready for use on any platform. I build websites in a responsive way, so that they can be used by anyone, anywhere on any device.

From making posters, to books, to corporate paperwork, I love graphic work. Being able to create something that you can actually hold and use. Being able to flip a page or feel the texture on the back of a business card. For me, it's impossible to replace graphic design with digital work. There will always be a need for paperwork and things that you can actually hold on to. Graphic design will always have a special place with me.

Designing beautiful user-interfaces is something I am striving for. But before that I want them to be functional for the correct user-group that I am focussing on. Thinking through the mind of the user and make updates after listening to him is my way of working on UI/UX Designs. Designing for both Android and iOS and understanding the guidelines and screen resolution differences in a world that is fast paced and constantly changing.