Professionally I believe I have my priorities straight. I want to always work at a place where I can have FUN and get a lot of WORK-EXPERIENCE. I am higly motivated in an environment with these properties. - Wadim van Akkeren



Wadim van Akkeren, NS Travelapp0


Laughter and fun, thats what life's all about. This concept is about a website where users can post their 'puns'. Little jokes and meme's for people that like to fool around on the internet. Check it out!



Wadim van Akkeren, Service, Branding


Defining a brand's way of communication and proposition, to reach the right audience. I like creating strong brands and make them shine when... Read more

Wadim van Akkeren, Service, Graphic Design


From making posters, to books, to corporate paperwork, I love graphic work. Being able to create something that you can actually hold and use... Read more

Wadim van Akkeren, Service, Digital Design


I am interested in building websites, web applications and interfaces. I have experience in the front-end development but I am more interested in... Read more

Wadim van Akkeren, Service, Concepting content marketing


Designing beautiful user-interfaces is something I am striving for. But before that I want them to be functional for the correct user-group that... Read more



Wadim van Akkeren, Promises, Quality


I stand for quality over quantity, for creating worthy designs in a professional way. I rather work longer on one project to make it perfect, then delivering... Read more

Wadim van Akkeren, Promises, Creativity


Design which is out of the boundaries and absolutely cray! But only if the assignment allows this. Full of color and trying out new things that... Read more

Wadim van Akkeren, Promises, Commitment


The designs will be smooth and exactly like you want it because I listen and ask questions. Once you chose to work with me, I will be committed to... Read more

Wadim van Akkeren, Promises, Authentic


I created my own style, and people who know me recognize that style. This is exactly what I am trying to achieve. Creating an own style that can be my identity... Read more